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  Nov 5, 2021  |    MedGardens

On September 25, 2015, 193 countries reached an international agreement to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all people as part of a new sustainable development agenda articulated around 17 goals and 169 actions.

Fifteen years to undertake deep transitions that allow us to face the great challenges that humanity faces, in an interdependent and complex world. A path outlined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as the framework for the most ambitious action that Spain and the entire international community have endowed with and that should guide us towards a future based on the protection of our planet and the guarantee of a dignified life for all people, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Now more than ever, it is urgent to restore damaged ecosystems. Ecosystems support all life forms on Earth. The health of our planet and its inhabitants directly depends on the health of our ecosystems. The United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on all continents and oceans; Thus, it can help eradicate poverty, combat climate change and prevent mass extinction. Its success depends on everyone's collaboration.


In addition, the UN proclaims the period 2021-2030 as the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. The aim is to mobilize the scientific community, but also politicians, companies and civil society around a common research and technological innovation program.

The Cleanwave Foundation and MedGardens position themselves as a strong ally for the development of the economy and in particular sustainable tourism, helping to preserve carbon sinks and mitigate the loss of marine biodiversity through cooperation.

Alliance with the Universal Hotels headquarters

The first Universal Hotels establishment was the Hotel Aquamarín, which opened its doors in Sant Elm in 1963. It was the launch of this family business.

Currently the Universal group has 15 hotels on the island of Mallorca. Apart from this they have a tour operator that they use to transfer their clients from Switzerland to Mallorca.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are today the key tool to explore the forms of alliances of the Balearic tourism together with the third sector, non-profit and the “fourth sector”, that of research, for the marine conservation.

The central company of Universal Hotels takes a further step in its sustainability strategy by sponsoring one of the first 4 MedGardens target areas, located in Sant Elm, Andratx (Mallorca). Starting through supporting the Cleanwave Foundation and the work of MedGardens, our work in the restoration and conservation of coastal and shallow marine habitats contributing to SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG14 Marine Life, and SDG17 Partnerships to Achieve Goals, of which the sustainability of the Balearic tourism directly depends, just where Universal Group resides.

On October 19, a presentation event for this alliance took place in which the MedGardens team was with the Universal group team visiting hand in hand the marine restoration and custody area in Sant Elm, Andratx. Undoubtedly a good way to exchange impressions and the best starting gun to launch an alliance to achieve common objectives: a sustainable development of the Universal Hotels group that contributes to the transformation of the Balearic tourism.

This alliance started in 2021 has the vision of expanding mutual support towards an ecocentric transition, putting into use the nature-based solutions for which MedGardens bets with all its strength.

We call on other committed companies to join MedGardens' endeavours to contribute to the sustainable development of the Balearic tourism.

José Escaño Roepstorff, MedGardens Coordinator.


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