Art for marine regeneration

  Jul 30, 2021  |    MedGardens

Hello everyone!

We are happy to open the MedGardens' blog with what we believe can be the most powerful tool to connect people with nature: ART.  

MedGardens is not just about marine science and restoring underwater forests. The general goal at this community level is to research, develop and test diverse societal strategies that have the potential to favour coastal regenerative processes over time. Art is one of these strategies, if not THE ONE, facilitating a closer connection between people and the natural world.

Art can facilitate a closer connection between people and the natural world. Art can heighten our relationship with nature and help us understand our inextricable interconnectedness to it – rekindling our relationships with plants and other animals.

MedGardens hopes to raise awareness and engage communities to become part of a project to fix what we have broken, that’s why Art for Marine Regeneration is born.

Art for Marine Regeneration is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project that aims to contribute to marine regeneration through art. A joint initiative between MedGardens, CLOT Magazine and etico, with the support of CCA Andratx. The AfMR platform plans to carry out activities of a different nature such as events, talks, round tables, exhibitions, art consulting for companies, auctions or other cultural activities.

Let’s Art for Marine Regeneration!

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