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Individuals & companies

Individuals and companies are welcome to become financial contributors to the MedGardens initiative. We are determined to make the most of each contribution.

We welcome volunteers to help us with in-water field work. We go out every month of the year and we greatly appreciate some good helping hands!

Click here if you want to contribute to Cleanwave Foundation's initiatives.

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MedGardens utilises an eco-emotional approach for education. We aspire to reach into the deepest parts of each person’s humanity to create strong and enduring ties with nature, making a statement of our interdependency with the natural world. We have programs for all ages and always adapt them to the target groups.

If you are a company’s HR manager, an educator or a parent interested in knowing more about our educational programs and materials, please contact us.

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We are always in the search of new partnerships and synergies. If we truly want to avoid social and environmental collapse, we must work together and share every small finding that can help us re-establish by 2030 the Mediterranean shallow habitats for biodiversity to thrive.

Our knowledge is yours. Contact us if you wish to access our documents or share any scientific methods that might help make your work more efficient.

Scientific internships will be considered. Please, send us your motivation letter and resume if you wish to work and learn with us for a time period.

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Art for Marine Regeneration is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project that aims to contribute to marine regeneration through art.

If you are interested, please contact us.

If you are interested please contact us.

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