MedGardens arises as an initiative to complement the rest of the actions that aim to mitigate the loss of marine biodiversity and the impacts of climate change.

Half of the 5000+ existing marine reserves are today threatened or poorly managed, many of them today named paper reserves because although they have a legal form, in reality conservation actions are not effective.

The economic crisis puts at risk models that until now worked well while grass-roots community-driven initiatives have proven to be economically affordable while boosting the local economy.

Furthermore, when conservation is not enough and a habitat has already suffered degradation, it is necessary to carry out ecological restoration actions.

MedGardens proposes restoring marine habitats that have been degraded and activating shared stewardship by fostering environmentally friendly uses, a viable and scalable model that is easy to apply.

Cleanwave Foundation is a promoter of community projects that provide conservation, protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Balearic Islands.

MedGardens is an initiative of the Cleanwave Foundation and they share the vision of being a global benchmark for regenerative living.

The project was designed by José Escaño in June 2020, with the support of Fiona Tomas and Tatí Benjumea, who joined as scientific team in September 2020. Several key inspirational and advisory individuals and entities contributed to the development of the MedGardens community and scientific strategies.

Together with the founding team of Cleanwave Foundation, an initial capital of € 40k was obtained in November 2020, today we continue to raise funds from different public and private sources.

From October 2020 to the end of 2021, four pilot marine restoration nodes are being deployed around the coast of Mallorca.