What is included as a reseller?

Communication to our community through:

  • Our free application where your business is added as a point of sale. Your business will appear with a description, contact and location details
  • Instagram guide: a blog post with an introduction to your business
  • Instagram + Facebook: a quote on why you joined the movement

We provide you with marketing material such as

  • 1 wooden board with information about the Cleanwave Refill system
  • Flyers with information about our organisation

What are the benefits of becoming a reseller?

  • You support a dynamic movement and become part of the solution
  • You actively contribute to reducing plastics around the island
  • Your engagement and commitment to create a plastic free society is visible to your clients which creates a sustainable image for your business
  • Your business receives visibility through our application and social media diffusion
  • You receive free marketing material about the movement 
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07015 Palma de Mallorca

Tel: +34 667 843 426