Join the movement and be a part of our refill points community!

Together we can create a plastic-free Balearics.

In our network of refill points there are:

Private refill points:

for example a hotel that offers a free water refill exclusively to guests

Public refill points:

open to anyone with a reusable bottle

Public fountains:

open to anyone, installed in collaboration with local governments and municipalities

All types of businesses can become a refill point: restaurants, bars, yoga studios, zero waste shops, real estate agencies, bakeries etc. Sign up and be part of the Cleanwavemovement!

How do I become a refill point? In 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Contact us through the form below

We will get in touch as soon as possible and arrange a visit so that we can get to know each other better.


Step 2: Check your water source

If you already have a water filter/source, perfect! If not, we can recommend you a water filtration installation provider.

Cleanwave does not supply water filtration systems, we only recommend trusted providers. You are free to choose the system of your preference.


Step 3: App

Your business is added to our free application which has a map with all the refill points. Your business will appear with a description, contact and location details.


STEP 4: Marketing material

We provide you with marketing material such as a refill point sticker so people can identify your business as a refill point, a wooden board with information about the Cleanwave Refill system and flyers about our project.


STEP 5: Communication to community

We communicate your business via social media to our community (@cleanwavemovement - 11.8k followers on Instagram)

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Join the movement

Meet our Refill Points

We are proud to say our network of refill points is growing. Want to get to know the people and businesses who are part of the solution? Watch the video's below and discover why they decided to join the #cleanwavemovement. Please visit our channel and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date for new episodes!