We provide plastic free water solutions.

Join the #cleanwavemovement and help us achieve a Balearics with no single-use plastic by 2030.

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XXL Rocket

Our rocket is equipped with an osmosis system with which we can produce filtered water on site and has a capacity of 600 litres. The station has 7 faucets to serve water, and as long as there is access to a water source, the rocket can provide water for large events with up to 1000+ people. The water station requires connection to city water, waste water and power. It is not easily mobile once set up.  

Renting our rocket includes sponsor promotion through a large poster attached to the station, promotion on our social networks and an assigned Cleanwave movement volunteer to spread awareness on plastic pollution.

We currently have 2 rockets for rent.

Dimensions of the water station:
4,7 x 2,5 x 5,5 m (length x width x height)

Footprint: flat, needs to be accessible by car.


  • City water: within 10m of water station. Connector type gardenhose 2.5 cm / Gardenia
  • Drain: Producing drinking water through osmosis creates waste water. It is sufficient to have a plant, some green zone or a drain where the water can go.
  • Power: Standard 220 V power connection within 10 m of location

Portable fountain

This station can serve as an additional source of water for large events or as a main source of water for small events. The station requires connection to mains water suitable for human consumption and the possibility of drainage. The portable fountain can provide water for events with up to 200 people.

The station is equipped with an activated carbon filtration system to produce drinking water on site and Km0.

We currently have 2 portable fountains available.

We also have a fountain with only a “drinking arm” so that no water bottle or drinking container is required. This unit can be interconnected to another portable fountain.

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Semi portable fountain

The semi-portable water fountain, unlike the portable one, is installed on steel plates. It is advisable for events of several days, in which the fountain can be mounted with the certainty that its location cannot be easily altered by the weight of the plates. The semi portable fountain can provide water for events with up to 200 people. 

We currently have 1 semi portable fountain for rent. 

How supporting us benefits you:

  • You support a dynamic movement and are a part of the solution.
  • You actively contribute to reducing plastics around the island.
  • Your engagement and commitment to create a plastic free society is visible to your clients which creates an ecological image for your business.

How your support benefits us:

  • You help us in our efforts for the Balearics to be a globally recognised template and role model for regenerative living by 2026.
  • You help us continue the projects from our foundation such as plastic prevention through Cleanwave.org, marine regeneration through MedGardens.org and eco-emotional education through Cleanwave Education. Learn more about the Cleanwave Foundation here.

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