Every year, 570.000 tonnes of plastic enters Mediterranean waters - the equivalent of dumping 33,800 plastic bottles into the sea every minute

Here’s how you can help

Get involved! Volunteer, become a refill point, sponsor a public fountain, donate to our schools program, create plastic free events. The list is endless…


What defines you best?

  • I am an individual

    Become a CW Ambassador

    Are you passionate about the ocean? Are you committed to getting rid of single-use plastic? Are you a mobiliser of your community and keen to represent the #cleanwavemovement and help us in our mission to achieve a Balearics with no disposable plastic waste?

    As a Cleanwave Ambassador you are the pioneer who sets out across new social frontiers to mobilise and raise awareness of the urgent need to reduce single-use plastic waste and care for the natural world. Your job is to mobilise your community, engage volunteers, promote the Cleanwave bottle as an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, and share our mission to replace the throw-away culture with a re-use mindset. You will get your own personalised bottle and receive a discount code for you to share with your community.

  • I am an individual

    Become a CW Volunteer

    Solving the challenges of our time can only be achieved through collaboration. We greatly value the time and dedication of our volunteers who help us at events, and help us spread the water refill network, take pictures and mobilise communities through visual storytelling and social media. We also value the contribution of professional skills, who step in to support us for specifically defined tasks, which strengthens our organisation.

  • I am an individual

    Intern with us

    On average, we accept 2 interns a year. This is most often through established internship programs like Erasmus, however, if you are interested, please send us your CV and motivational letter.

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    Shop bottles

    The Cleanwave bottle is not a once-off purchase, it is a way of life. The bottle represents a change in consciousness towards preserving the earth and its oceans, and our individual decision to find alternatives to single-use plastics in our everyday lives. Get your Cleanwave bottle, refill at one of our refill stations and wave plastic goodbye!
    Proceeds from bottle sales goes towards Cleanwave Foundation projects.

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    We are deeply thankful to our growing circle of private donors and corporate partners.

    If you want to support us, please feel free to donate or contact us.

  • I am a business

    Become a refill point

    As a refill point, you become part of the solution, by offering free water to residents or tourists who request a refill of their reusable water bottle.

    By offering a free water refill, you avoid the consumption of single-use plastic bottles and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

    We thank you for setting an example, and thereby mobilising your community to replace a throw-away culture with a re-use mindset. Thank you for joining the @cleanwavemovement and together we can wave plastic goodbye.

  • I am a business

    Become a reseller

    A reseller is a company or individual that purchases reusable Cleanwave stainless steel bottles with the intention of reselling them in order to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and spread awareness on plastic pollution. Our Cleanwave bottles can be engraved with your corporate brand style & logo and/or personalised with names.

  • I am a business

    Plastic free water solutions for your next event

    Are you organising an event, sports day or private party and want to offer water free of single-use plastic water bottles? We provide plastic free water solutions such as our 600 liter ‘water rockets’ and portable fountains. Join the #cleanwavemovement and fulfil your corporate social responsibility by renting or sponsoring one of our water deposits.

  • I am a business

    Gift a branded bottle

    Cleanwave bottles can be engraved with your company logo, slogan or even personalised for employees or clients.
    This serves as an ideal gift for staff and customers, positioning your brand alongside the Cleanwave movement with a clear commitment to plastic-free living.

  • I am a business

    Company workshops and training

    Supported by Cleanwave Education, we offer workshops and corporate training that help engage your employees and staff, to become protagonists of change within your business. All workshops follow an eco-emotional approach, where participants are challenged to connect to the issues through dynamic activities that serve to create an emotional response to nature and environmental challenges, rather than a purely factual understanding.

    Dynamic activities include adaptation to change, and based on the principle that you only care for that which you love.

  • I am a business

    Outdoor fountains

    Water fountains with activated carbon filters provide filtered water, free of odour and chlorine taste. They offer the perfect solution, for any private or public outdoor area, in those municipalities where mains water is potable, allowing to simultaneously meet social, health and sustainability objectives. Public fountains encourage people to drink more water and take care of our environment, considerably reducing the consumption of water in single-use plastic bottles.

    The possibility of having graphic panels allows the opportunity to inspire commitment to healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles, and promote positive public messages or initiatives.

    They are suitable for any outdoor area, public or private (sports club, hotel outdoor areas, school playgrounds, squares, parks, shopping centres...).


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