“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”

Jane Goodall

The Cleanwave Foundation is an initiator of community led projects that provide conservation, protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Mediterranean.

The following initiatives are our words in action as we set out to engage community-driven regeneration of our natural world; challenge our habits of consumption including prevention of plastic waste; empower the younger generation to be custodians of the Earth through education; and build unity amongst policy makers, civil society, industry, and the public administration.




A window into the sea.

MedGardens sets a bold purpose to regenerate shallow Mediterranean underwater forests. With an accomplished team of marine biologists, their vision is to re-establish by 2030, the Mediterranean shallow marine habitats needed for biodiversity to thrive and mitigate the impacts of climate change. This can only be achieved through collaboration and community-driven marine restoration, whilst generating open-source knowledge in collaboration with scientists and citizens.

Each MedGarden has a community engagement approach that draws people closer to the sea. Through a combination of education; underwater skills training of volunteers; and a citizen assembly “Artivism” initiative emphasis is placed on regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea for generations to come.





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Cleanwave Fountain 1


Wave plastic goodbye.

Cleanwave is a social movement that raises awareness about plastic pollution and creates tangible solutions to reduce it, by providing viable alternatives to single use plastic. 

With a purpose of replacing throw-away culture with a re-use mindset, Cleanwave sets out to make it easier to live without plastic and aspires to achieve a Balearics with no disposable plastic waste by 2030.

In order to achieve this ambitious vision, we have set ourselves the task of establishing a widespread network of alternative solutions and continuous exploration of practical and sustainable plastic replacements.

Cleanwave has produced an award winning documentary film, called ‘Out of Plastic’, which has been screened extensively across the Balearic Islands, and has won multiple international film festival awards.