Who we are



In 2017, the founders of Cleanwave, with the support of a dedicated team, set out to find solutions to single-use plastic and build a movement that sets out to replace a throw-away culture with a re-use mindset. This was achieved by creating the first network of water refill points across the Balearic Islands, where residents and tourists can refill their sustainable water bottles, thereby providing an alternative solution to plastic water bottles.

The initiative grew fast, which led on to a sought-after educational program; an award winning documentary film, ‘Out of Plastic’; public water fountains in collaboration with the local government; community engagement and plastic free water solutions at events across the islands.



However, in 2020, there was a moment of realisation that if we are to have a chance in truly preserving and restoring our natural world – we must do more. In 2020, the founding team decided to shift the organisation from an Asociación (Asociación OnaNeta-Cleanwave ) to a Foundation (Fundación Cleanwave), with the intention to not only focus on plastic prevention, but to also engage communities in the protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Mediterranean.

Together with a passionate and dedicated team, we share a vision of the Balearics to be a globally recognised template and role model for regenerative living by 2026.


We believe that we are deeply interconnected to nature. We are nature and we belong to the Earth along with all other living creatures. We believe that it is our responsibility to preserve, restore and regenerate the natural world, and will aspire to do so with care and empathy.

Culture + Values

We will use our creativity to broaden our perspective, ensuring that our actions are inclusive of all members of society - whom we regard as equals. We commit to open, honest and transparent communication, and aspire to seeing these values reflected coherently in all our actions. We strive to be well informed, and for our learnings and knowledge to be accessible to all.