Annual Report 2021


Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure to share Cleanwave Foundation's 2021 Annual Report.

We look back on 2021 with great pride. As a small organisation, we are currently undergoing a great shift. We have come to understand that what started as an impulse - a collective of friends wanting to do something good for the Balearic Islands and confronting plastic waste - has evolved to what is now a fully established foundation, with 3 growing and successful initiatives, a team of 12 employees and a great deal still to learn.

As we look to 2022, we believe that it will be a year of strengthening our organisation. We want to thank the unwavering support of our donors, partners, collaborators and friends as we strive for the Balearics to be a globally recognised role model for regenerative living by 2026.

If you wish to read the full report you can click here.

Kindest regards,

Line Hadsbjerg and the Cleanwave Foundation Team.
Photos: Pep Bonet / NOOR